Career Workshop - January 2018


The Foundation’s vision is a self-sustaining youth center in Winterveldt, South Africa whereby all youth have access to the social-emotional support, education, and training they need to lead successful lives and the center is a model for youth empowerment and leadership in South Africa.


The mission of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation is to support the Bokamoso Life Centre in Winterveldt, South Africa, through financial, technical, and human resources so that the Centre may become a self-sustaining community-oriented organization serving at-risk youth and young adults.

Striving to achieve Ubuntu, a South African philosophical doctrine or approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit, is a desirable, important and a core objective of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation.

We believe that:

  • Youth are the future of every culture and country and their ability to lead productive lives is a major national resource;
  • Providing access to appropriate educational and vocational training unleashes potential and provides opportunities to transform families and communities;
  • Cultural exchanges enrich communities, and build strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships;
  • Artistic expression nurtures self-discovery and understanding between individuals and cultures; and
  • Supporting entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and providing access to infrastructure enables sustainable economic initiatives.


The programs of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation include:

  • Fundraising to support ongoing activities at the Centre and its scholarship program
  • Cultural Exchange and Performing Arts Program brings youth from the Centre to the United States and takes U.S. students to South Africa
  • Technical, artistic and administrative assistance and mentoring for Centre staff
  • A career development workshop that strengthens participants ability to make informed career choices