Adolescent Development Program class - July 2019
Youth Development Program class - July 2019
Graduates of the Youth Development Program - December 2015

Often when the youth complete the Youth Development Program they have no means of continuing their education and/or vocational training. To address this situation, the Foundation, in conjunction with the Centre, established a Scholarship Program in 2008. Those youth who want to apply for a Bokamoso scholarship complete an application form which explains their career choices and how they plan to accomplish their goals. Staff help the youth apply for university-provided scholarships and other government financing for post-secondary education.

The applications are reviewed and each applicant is interviewed. Decisions are based on factors such as, (1) Does the applicant display necessary qualities for the course chosen? (2) Does the applicant display an in-depth knowledge of the course of study and the professional field of interest? (3) Has the applicant compared the institution of choice with other institutions offering same courses?  Applicants are also counseled to consider secondary options that may be more appropriate and a better fit for the applicant’s needs. Based on these considerations, final awards are made.

Funds are granted on an as-needed basis and are available for the length of the academic or vocational program.  However, continuing students must reapply each year.  Scholarship funds may cover registration fees, tuition, books and, materials and transport.

To ensure youth success and the effective use of scholarships, Bokamoso staff monitor students’ progress through regular meetings and academic follow-up. Also, the Centre encourages peer-to-peer study groups and peer monitoring of progress.  See the 2020 scholarship list.


To be eligible for a Bokamoso tertiary education scholarship one must complete the 10-month Bokamoso Youth Development Program and be in good standing with the Centre.