Bokamoso Means Future
and The Future Begins Here


News about the Foundation, the Centre, Winterveldt, South Africa


New Board Member

Nontando Mzayifani joined the Bokamoso Youth Foundation because it aims to serve under privileged youth in my mother land, South Africa. It has been my mission to get involved, to give back, and to make a difference in a young person’s life.  I can do my part with a sense of purpose that I am not just living but I live to help others through my financial skills.

Graduation Day at Bokamoso

Graduation Ceremonies for the Youth Development Program Class of 2020

Bokamoso Sunday at Westminster Presbyterian Church DC – the Bokamoso Youth appear live, via Zoom, from the Bokamoso Life Centre in Winterveldt, South Africa.  The service was held on Sunday March 7th and can be seen by clicking here.

Welcome to Bokamoso Life Centre

February 2021

Videographer – Kenny Mdluli (Bokamoso Alumnus)

Voices of the Bokamoso Youth

This video is an introduction to Winterveldt, South Africa and the Bokamoso Life Centre which is located there.  You will meet some of the young adults attending the program as well as some staff and program alumni.

There is a certain urgency that drives Bokamoso students.


Young people in more affluent situations think, ‘I missed this opportunity, but another will come along.’ In our community, we realize Bokamoso is a big opportunity that may not come my way again” – Bokamoso Graduate

The Embassy of South Africa in Washington, DC has been and continues to be a supporter of and a partner with Bokamoso.


South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool spoke at the 2014 Bokamoso Youth performance at  George Washington University about the powerful role youth hold in the world.

You can transcend your circumstances and the future is waiting and that is the significance of this partnership between a remote township called Winterveldt and this global capital called Washington, DC. – Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, Jan 2014

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