Charlie has been traveling to Africa for many years. He became a Board member when the Foundation was chartered. He has a special interest in developing effective, low cost communication strategies among Bokamoso supporters and sharing success stories of Youth Centre graduates. In addition, Charlie works with the Board’s Finance Task Force to strengthen financial literacy and accountability.

He first traveled to Winterveldt in 2005, along with his son, Tim and his wife, Cathy as part of the St. Andrew’s trip. Charlie was deeply moved by the people they met and the challenging conditions he observed. His family fell in love with the people and the country. They have hosted several Bokamoso youth in their home during the annual exchange visits.

Charlie and Cathy returned to South Africa in 2008 and have encouraged their children to travel and explore ways of helping others. For example, since the family became involved in helping the Winterveldt youth, one of their daughters has taught in Tanzania, a son has spent a year studying history in Cape Town, and two of their daughters are eager to use their education in film production to further document the needs and dreams of Winterveldt’s people.

Charlie grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and holds a B.S. in Political Science from The University of Maryland. Early in his career, he interned with the congressional staff responsible for coordinating the Presidential Prayer Breakfast. The Breakfast is an annual event designed to underscore the nonpartisan grace and gratitude desired in public service.

Prior to retiring, he was the area manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and supervised a large local staff and several branch offices in Maryland and Washington, DC. Before that, Charlie worked in residential real estate.  Charlie has received many awards during his career with Wells Fargo and is a past President of the Metropolitan D.C. Mortgage Bankers Association.