High Winds Damage Centre Buildings

The night of April 13th brought strong winds and rain to Winterveldt. Unfortunately, the Centre sustained damage in the unexpected storm. Several of the buildings were damaged from high winds and flying debris. Other than the garage building, which suffered quite serious structural damage (see photos) the other buildings appear to have minimal structural damage, just broken windows, missing tiles and broken gutters. The compound wall that runs along the left side of the Big Hall was toppled by a falling tree and will have to be rebuilt.

Winterveldt, including the Centre, is also without power. No youth were at the Centre at the time and the staff member who stays at the Centre was unhurt. Several staff members were able to go the next day to clear up some of the mess and assess the damage. The Centre Board and Staff will have to wait until after the quarantine is over to assess the safety of the standing structures. Right now, safety is the most important thing.

The Centre was closed at the time as part of the closure of schools and other business in South Africa due to COVID-19. The Centre will reopen when the South African government gives permission for schools and businesses to reopen. We have communicated with a number of staff and youth and so far everyone seems to be keeping healthy.

From all reports, Othandweni (the Guest House), right next to the Centre did not suffer any damage.